Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer fun!

Sorry these pictures are backwards ME and Haley at Tuacahn
Silly Girls!
Me and Gabby
Me and some of the girls at BEAUTIFUL Heaber Valley Girls Camp!

Yes I did the zip line at Heaber Valley Girls camp
So this is one of my trck sisters we foud out one the 2nd day that her aunt and uncle are in my ward so that was exciting!

So my cute little cousins have been bugging me saying this like this "your blog is so cute maybe you should post something!" "Hey you haven’t posted anything for 8 months and if you aren’t going to post anything then maybe you shouldn’t have a blog" So here I am posting something! And I hope to be posting a lot more since I’m going to be in HIGH SCHOOL now!!!!!! And I will have a lot more going on in my life! So my summer I've been to Trck, Girls camp, Drivers ed "scary, just ask my mom she will tell you all about it", Cherry Hill, Parades, St. George, Tarzan at Tuacahn (amazing!) and Family gatherings!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

San Deigo in May

At the end of May my family and I, had the wonderful opportunity to go to San Deigo California. With my Dad's parent's. We firstly got to go an AIRPLAINE, witch this was my first plaine ride that can I remember. Some of the places we got to go to we're Disneyland, San Deigo Zoo and Universal Studo's. We Had such such an amazing time at the Happiest Place on Earth! Thanks SO MUCH GRANDMA & GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3>

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Sterling twins!!!!
Me and Katie

SBO freinds!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the Autumn

All 20 grandkids. With one on the way!

I'm SBO Historain at MPJH!

This is my firts post! And I've decided that this is going to more of a picture blog, than a journal blog.